Sygma Completes Audit With HAECHI Audit

Sygma Completes Audit With HAECHI Audit

The first in a series of external audits to secure Sygma’s next-generation interoperability

Sygma is pleased to announce the completion of an audit by HAECHI AUDIT. In total, 12 findings of varying severity levels were found and subsequently resolved. The Sygma team would like to thank HAECHI for their efforts in ensuring Sygma’s codebase is rigorously tested and verified.

A full report of the audit has been published here.

The audit in brief

Within the scope of the audit was the implementation of Sygma’s multi-party computation (MPC) method via threshold signature schemes as well as the smart contracts. The fee oracle, as well as the relayer event listeners, were not in-scope for this audit.

All told, four critical, five major, and one minor finding were found. Of note, HAECHI helped to identify a critical issue that would have allowed a malicious actor to call the deposit function on a burnable NFT in the ERC-721 Handler address. HAECHI also recommended two tips to improve the codebase’s overall efficiency and usability.

All findings have been addressed and resolved by the Sygma team.

The Sygma team is thankful for the comprehensive audit given by HAECHI. As we look toward Sygma becoming the preeminent cross-chain interoperability layer for both token transfers and general message passing (GMP), security and safety remain a top priority for the team.

We are committed to providing Sygma with the dedicated smart contract and protocol security it needs. To that end, this audit will be the first in a series of external audits by reputable security firms to ensure the Sygma codebase is above and beyond the standard quality expected of web3’s top blockchain protocols.

You can view the published audit report in full detail here.

About Sygma

Sygma is a community-driven interoperability project. Sygma makes it possible to deploy cross-chain with minimal effort and realize new use cases via its versatile, modular protocol. With Sygma, developers can leverage a secure cross-chain communication layer to extend their applications across EVM, Substrate, and beyond.

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We’re always looking for contributors, and Sygma’s modular architecture is designed to foster contributions and extensions. Please check out our documentation or GitHub to get started.

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We’ve launched a builder program to provide technical support and monetary incentives for builders. Full details can be found 👉here.

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