Introducing the Sygma TypeScript SDK

Introducing the Sygma TypeScript SDK

Sygma is the interoperability layer for building cross-chain applications. With Sygma, developers can leverage secure and efficient cross-chain infrastructure to extend their applications beyond a single blockchain network.

What’s the Sygma SDK?

The Sygma SDK is a tool kit designed to help developers quickly and easily build cross-chain applications using our infrastructure.

Built for TypeScript and JavaScript devs that can work on node.js or the front end, the SDK is open source and consists of methods that power ERC20 transfer capabilities between Ethereum networks.

We’re also currently working on support for ERC721, and generic handler to (critically) enable general message-passing.

How can you use the Sygma SDK?

The Sygma SDK allows a developer to use our contracts, which are currently deployed on devnet. To enable the SDK to interact with the devnet contracts, the addresses of the contracts must be provided within the SDK configuration to perform actions on the bridge, such as cross-chain token transfers.

You can also integrate the SDK into an existing node.js application or frontend app. You can then check the documentation to see which methods you can call.

Overview of Sygma

The current version of the SDK has one package that comprises the whole bridging logic for transferring tokens between Ethereum networks. In addition, there are two folder examples that demonstrate the usage of our SDK. After setting up a local environment for Sygma’s backend, you can view the examples section in the SDK README for how to get started interacting with Sygma on the front end.

In the future, we’ll be providing more in-depth how-to’s, explainers, and demos of what you can do with Sygma.

NOTE: The SDK is under active development. As such, you may experience inconsistencies until we have a stable release. We encourage you to submit issues should you discover any bugs.

About Sygma

Sygma is a community-driven interoperability project. Sygma makes it possible to deploy cross-chain with minimal effort and realize new use cases via its versatile, modular protocol. With Sygma, developers can leverage a secure cross-chain communication layer to extend their applications across EVM, Substrate, and beyond.

Get involved👋

We’re always looking for contributors, and Sygma’s modular architecture is designed to foster contributions and extensions. Please check out our documentation, GitHub, or Discord to get started.

Sygma Builders Program🛠️

We’ve launched a builder program to provide technical support and monetary incentives for builders. Full details can be found 👉here.

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