Tangle X Sygma: Integrating Sygma into the Tangle Network

Tangle X Sygma: Integrating Sygma into the Tangle Network

Sygma is thrilled to announce that we are integrating the Sygma Protocol directly into the Tangle Network. This venture marks another step forward in Sygma’s mission of expanding network interoperability.

Following the integration, Tangle will have full interoperability with all EVM-based chains and the Polkadot ecosystem. Future connections will also be easily implemented through the Sygma framework, allowing Tangle to tap into new networks as they emerge.

What is Tangle? 

The Tangle Network is a blockchain platform that provides secure, decentralized services to and from its community of code-contributing developers. Tangle uses advanced cryptographic techniques and a unique re-staking mechanism, offering a modular infrastructure to benefit developers, restakers and off chain service operators.

Tangle's modular design lets developers build and combine service components called Blueprints, such as oracles, bridges, and zero-knowledge applications.

Developers can earn rewards by contributing Blueprints, while operators earn by staking assets and providing validator services. Tangle ensures that staked assets from any ecosystem are used efficiently, offering rewards based on secured value.

How will Sygma enhance Tangle?

With a focus on seamless cross-chain communication and asset transfers, Integrating Sygma into Tangle will unlock:

  • Secure External Interactions: Sygma uses advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure integrity and confidentiality in cross-chain communications. Furthermore, Sygma will facilitate seamless interactions between Tangle and other blockchain networks. 
  • Cross-Chain Asset Transfers: Sygma enables the cross-chain transfer of assets between Tangle, Polkadot, and EVM chains, expanding Tangle’s user base and the effectiveness of apps developed with its infrastructure. 
  • Enhanced Developer Functionality: This feature will expand the functionality and use cases available to developers building on Tangle.

As part of this partnership, the Sygma team will actively participate in the development, integration, testing, security auditing, and ongoing maintenance/support needed for the project.

We are committed to working closely with the Tangle team to address challenges and optimize the system’s performance and security.

We aim to ensure a smooth, secure, and successful integration process.

Looking Ahead

We are excited to play a pivotal role in enhancing Tangle’s cross-chain capabilities. This integration marks a significant step towards making Tangle an interoperable and future-proof ecosystem. We look forward to an engaging and fruitful collaboration with the Tangle community!

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