Future-Proofing Interoperability

Future-Proofing Interoperability

The future we envision for Sygma is simple. It’s to create a low-effort way for developers to add cross-chain functionality, tap into new liquidity sources, and harness the benefits of multiple chains. By offering native communication that spans EVM, Substrate, and beyond, Sygma functions like connective tissue between blockchain ecosystems, resulting in not only better UX but use cases to fuel the next wave of adoption.

Entering a New Era in Blockchain Interoperability

Sygma is more than what’s traditionally considered a “blockchain bridge.” What we’re talking about here isn’t just more tech for token transfers. It’s a general-purpose communication protocol for the next generation of applications.

Built on the fundamentals of ChainBridge, Sygma is a new project that’s more modular and flexible than the open-source code it’s based on. It employs general message passing to increase the number of options at a developer's disposal. It serves as critical connectivity infrastructure in areas where few or zero options exist, and it’s a community-driven project in the spirit of public goods.

That’s the high level. But more specifically, the vision for Sygma is best understood as five cornerstone aspects, as illustrated below.

Let’s break each of these down.

Enabling Seamless Cross-chain UX

It’s clear that cross-chain adoption faces a significant obstacle in the form of a cumbersome user experience (UX). While many interoperability solutions have focused on addressing this issue between EVM chains, the web3 space is bigger than it used to be.

To realize our vision of a future where different ecosystems seamlessly merge into a compelling user experience, we must look past the EVM.

We aim to deliver the same smooth, one-click UX available across EVM-based chains to Ethereum, Substrate, Cosmos, and many more. By enabling developers to leverage the advantages of intrachain communication primitives like XCM and IBC, we empower them to utilize native connectivity.

Building Public Infrastructure

Sygma is designed to be the backbone of cross-chain applications. As such, we believe it must have certain key attributes: first, it should be free (we’re currently exploring the best way to make this a reality), and second, governed in a contributor-owned and pluralistic manner (more on this below).

In addition, this type of infrastructure should be fully open source, trust-minimized, and contributor-owned, making space for it to develop organically.

Contributor Ownership and Pluralism

At the heart of our philosophy lies a set of principles around governance. We recognize the importance of ensuring transparent governance that serves the best interests of the protocol and its users. And we have identified certain shortcomings in the prevalent models of token governance, especially the potential for single entities, such as liquidity providers, to exert excessive control over a protocol.

To chart a path forward, we’re championing a governance approach that places significant emphasis on contribution scoring.

By carefully weighing governance power based on different types of contributions, we can foster an environment where all stakeholders have the opportunity to participate. This method mitigates the influence of single entities on the administration of the protocol, ensuring more equitable and inclusive processes. The full Sygma governance roadmap will be published shortly.

Catalyzing a cross-chain builder community

We understand the inherent difficulties of achieving cross-chain interoperability. And we’re convinced that addressing this challenge is only possible via a collaborative effort, one that involves forging a strong community of builders.

Our vision extends beyond merely providing a good devx. We aim to create a thriving community of contributors that helps cross-chain builders create and share modular components for effortless integration of cross-chain use cases in DeFi, gaming, and more.

In this sense, Sygma will serve as a knowledge hub and connection point. Sygma SDK will become the go-to repository for cross-chain strategies and building blocks while facilitating the exchange of expertise and resources among community members. More on this soon!

Building with security in mind

When it comes to security, a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. The risks and security requirements associated with cross-chain use cases can vary significantly. For instance, executing a cross-chain governance proposal for a prominent DeFi protocol demands a much higher degree of risk sensitivity compared to a small token transfer. There’s also a delicate balance between security, costs, and convenience that must be considered.

We recognize these challenges and strive to provide tailored security solutions that meet the unique demands of each transaction.

Our adaptive security approach empowers developers to make optimal security choices based on their context. By leveraging a multi-layered framework that combines Proof of Authority (PoA), Optimistic Execution, and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs, Sygma offers unparalleled flexibility. The bottom line: you can enjoy customized security without having expertise in the intricacies of each security layer.

Supporting permissionlessness

We’re committed to fostering a permissionless protocol to the greatest extent possible. In part, this means that every project and cross-chain developer will be able to leverage Sygma with no need to ask permission or wait for anyone to integrate new tokens or networks.

In the modular blockchain future, where rollups-as-a-service will likely play a pivotal role, the landscape will be more dynamic than ever. Interoperability protocols will face challenges in keeping pace with the constant need for extensions. In such a future, interoperability must be automatically provisioned upon the creation of a rollup and decommissioned upon the event of sunsetting.

By orienting ourselves toward permissionless interoperability, we enable the automatic and decentralized provisioning of new tokens and networks. This approach empowers innovation in an unrestricted and inclusive manner.

The road ahead

There’s a flurry of activity in the space right now, and what we’re witnessing is nothing less than the emergence of an open, connected network of networks—a universe of networks.

Supported by grassroots infrastructure projects like Sygma, there’s a growing recognition that cross-chain applications are no longer fan fiction. They’re becoming a practical reality. And in the future, deploying dApps that work seamlessly across multiple chains won’t just be a nice to have but the table stakes. Let’s build that future🤝


If you need Substrate <> EVM connectivity, look no further.
We’re always looking for contributors, and Sygma’s modular architecture is designed to foster contributions and extensions.

Please check out our documentation, GitHub, or Discord to get started.

Sygma Builders Program🛠️

We’ve launched a builder program to provide technical support and monetary incentives for interested developers.

Full details can be found 👉here.

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