Sygma Begins Mainnet Rollout

Sygma Begins Mainnet Rollout

Enabling Cross-chain Experiences for EVM and Substrate-based Blockchains. We’re happy to announce that, as of today, Sygma is live on mainnet!

— Developers will be able to build seamless cross-chain applications with the Sygma Protocol and Software Development Kit (SDK).

— Sygma makes it easy to create connections across ecosystems, bringing new capabilities to DeFi, NFTs, governance, and other use cases.

Supporting the cross-chain future

Post-Bitcoin blockchains were meant to free us from the data silos that web2 put us in. However, in a multi-chain, multi-rollup world, data on blockchains have also become siloed and broken the composability that led to the success of Ethereum. Sygma fixes this.

Built on the open-source code of ChainBridge, Sygma is a new project inspired by one of the multi-directional bridges for EVM and Substrate. Sygma is community-driven and more modular than ChainBridge, allowing easy configuration and greater compatibility with other networks.

Sygma is designed for dApp developers and L1/L2 networks who wish to leverage native cross-chain interoperability between Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and other major ecosystems. By offering this functionality, we address the need for a seamless flow of liquidity and data between these activity hubs.

What is Sygma, and what is being launched?

Sygma consists of audited Solidity contracts, Substrate pallets, and an MPC-based relayer network. In addition, there are the Sygma testnet faucets and transfer UI, Sygma explorer, and perhaps most important, the Sygma SDK, which allows developers to add cross-chain functionality to their applications while abstracting away all the complexity.

At launch, the primary use cases include native token transfers and swaps across EVM and Substrate-based networks, plus cross-chain contract calls and messaging on EVM, i.e., general message passing.

Available routes include an EVM deployment on Ethereum. Plus, Substrate deployments on Phala Network (Polkadot) as well as their respective sister networks: Khala (Kusama) and Rhala (Rococco). More networks and tokens will be added in the coming months. Have a request? Let us know!

Overview and details

A quick snapshot of how Sygma works:

In the beginning, the Sygma protocol will be governed by a group of early contributors from ChainSafe and Phala. The network itself will be operated by established relaying partners. These include ChainSafe, Bware Labs, and Phala, and the relayer pool will be expanded in the coming months. Please refer to our documentation to learn more about Sygma governance.

From this initial cohort of relayers comes one of our first product integrations, SubBridge by Phala. SubBridge is a cross-chain router of parachains, bridging Dotsama and Ethereum and assets in other ecosystems. This will also be used by Astar for native asset bridging between Ethereum and Astar, with Sygma doing some of the cross-chain legwork.

Beyond that, Phala is working on a cross-chain DEX and bridge aggregator, where Sygma will play a vital role in bridging with Ethereum. In addition, with Astar (and multiple DEX teams building on the network), we are currently working on bringing native cross-chain connectivity to the Astar ecosystem for use cases such as token transfers and swaps.

Moving forward

Designed to catalyze new use cases, empower users and developers, and open the door to growth, we couldn’t be more excited about Sygma’s potential. Our current approach—which focuses on native cross-ecosystem connectivity instead of connecting EVM-Layers—is fundamentally different from anything else that exists today.

In the future, we’ll focus on evolving Sygma into a fully customizable, decentralized, and trustless solution to facilitate the next generation of applications. And by serving these unmet needs, Sygma is set to become a fixture of the cross-chain landscape.

If you'd like to dive deeper into the future we're working to shape, we invite you to explore our vision.


If you need Substrate <> EVM connectivity, look no further.
We’re always looking for contributors, and Sygma’s modular architecture is designed to foster contributions and extensions.

Please check out our documentation, GitHub, or Discord to get started.

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